Mark Tyers and Jeff Peters

Wednesday, October 16 2019 at 12:00AM

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Fargo Village,
Far Gosford Street,

Mark Tyers and Jeff Peters

What's the talk about?

 There are massive changes taking place in the transport sector, reducing emissions and developing autonomous vehicles for a start. As these changes take place there is an ever-increasing demand for graduates with the skills needed to work in this sector, skills that until recently were the preserve of those carrying out research in the sector, possibly as part of a PhD.


Coventry University are one of a very small number of UK Universities aiming to fill that skill shortage by developing programmes aimed at undergraduates in engineering and computing disciplines.


In this talk, Asst. Professors Mark Tyers and Jeff Peters will bring along some students who have been part of this programme and will talk about the development of a team to support the training of a new wave of graduate through an outcome-based problem-solving process we call Build-Learn-Win that involves the students being placed in a competitive environment and faced with what could be considered an insurmountable challenge. This forces students to become active learners and problem-solvers, precisely the attributes that employers value. As part of the talk he will explain the history of this approach, coming out of a long-running Activity-Led Learning approach and show how it has led to a series of successes both here in the UK at Silverstone Race Circuit and abroad in competitions in places such as the Baltic Sea and Eastern China.