being skeptical about forensic linguistics

Wednesday, January 21 2015 at 7:30PM

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24 Albany Road, Coventry, CV5 6JU

Professor Tim Grant

What's the talk about?

Tim Grant will discuss the potential and limits of forensic linguistics to provide evidence to the Courts. He will look at how one forensic linguist identified the wrong woman as sex-blogger Belle de Jour and how another correctly identified JK Rowling as the author of "The Casual Vacancy." He will also explain why both analyses would provide bad evidence for the Courts. Using some case examples he will also discuss what sort of linguistic evidence could and should be admitted in Court and whether forensic linguistics is in any sense a forensic science.

Prof Tim Grant is Director of the Centre for Forensic Linguistics at Aston University where he teaches English Language linguistics. He previously lectured in forensic psychology at Leicester University. His consultancy primarily involves authorship analysis of threatening and abusive communications and he has worked in civil and criminal contexts including investigations into sexual assault, murder and terrorist offences.