And other legends of the Bomber War...

Frederick Taylor

Wednesday, November 15 2017 at 7:30PM

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Fargo Village,
Far Gosford Street,

Frederick Taylor

What's the talk about?

 On that fatal night in November 1940, the people of Coventry were subjected by the German Luftwaffe to the most deadly and sustained bombing attack yet suffered by any British civilians. Such was the trauma inflicted on the lightly defended city - both industrial power-house and historic treasure-house - that  over the years rumours began to spread that the government had received prior information about the attack through its code-breaking team but had "sacrificed" Coventry in order to protect its sources.


Frederick Taylor's recent reappraisal, COVENTRY, THURSDAY 14 NOVEMBER 1940, was described by distinguished historian and Hitler biographer Sir Ian Kershaw as "easily the most authoritative study... a gripping account". His bestselling book about the destruction of the German city of Dresden also weighed up the legends as well as the facts when considering another notorious bombing raid. 


In his talk, Frederick will compare what were probably the two most notorious bombing raids of World War Two and bring his close knowledge of both these attacks, as well as of the wider war, to give his audience food for new thought. Aerial bombing was brutal. It aroused feelings of anger and helplessness in those it affected. Confusion, bewilderment and, especially because of wartime news censorship, a lack of reliable information caused many legends to arise in both British and German cities. These were a strange and fascinating, even unique, feature of the bomber war.